Ages ago, in 2009, there began an internet comedy video crew called SkitForBrains.  Conceived while stranded on the side of the highway, and Founded by Mike Davidson, Melissa Szewczok and Darryl LeCraw.

Over the years, a  million people (literally) have joined the SkitForBrains family and then moved onto other galaxies and projects, each people leaving a special touch and smell on SkitForBrain’s legacy.

Then, in 2012 WWW.SFB.TV was created to host and organize the different webseries under one banner and currently offers SixWordSkits, The SkitForBrains Show, Sketches, Animations, Mike’s New Roommate with a slew of new series’ yet to be released.

In 2013 saw SFB.TV evolve into SFB.TV:BC and SFB.TV:ONT with Darryl moving back to his home province.  There he started working on animation ( scratching an itch he long had ) meanwhile Mike got active with SFB again with Lucas from 4Villains and the antics are at an all-time high.