Tag: Alex K

Shopping with Darryl

Trying.... To find... Just... The right... Thing. Has never been so emotional.

Fast Food Psychic

It's one of those hidden powers ....Nobody talks about.

The Dangers of Hitch-Hiking

First SFB.TV roadtrip and it requires HITCHHIKING TO MIAMI. ....Naturally, something goes wrong.

Lightsaber Fail

Trust Josh Zed, you must not! ( when buying toys even - warning label you must read! )

Accidents Happen

Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place. At the wrong time. With the wrong bouquet of flowers.

Radio of Doom

You know that annoying piece of electronics, that seems to have it out for you, or even be cursed? And it hits you right where it hurts most?


In this day and age - you can never be too careful when it comes to high-powered devices... And your crotch."

Karate Master

The Karate Master has eyes in the back of his head, and fists on the end of his fists. Beware when mocking the "Karate Master"!

Animal Magnetism

Love is a wild and unpredictable beast, it can strike anywhere.


In life, you often find yourself seeking out wisdom and advice from a faith based source. ...even when it comes to the dirty things.

GreenScreen Technology

With Green-Screen you can do nearly anything! Guido demonstrates it's ability to make things disappear, using Gus the Cat as his assistant.

Crappy Tree Eats Mike Again

Darryl's taking the SFB gang on another tour of the park behind the movie theatre, and unfortunately Crappy Tree eats Mike - AGAIN!

Intervention: Drugs

Duke, Dylan, Darryl and Alex drop in on Scram to let him know that he has to face his problems with doing drugs, and this is their intervention.

Cafe of Darkness – Part One

Alex wanders on in and gives Guido the Barrista a very trying time negotiating on how to get $1.65 worth of coffee for $1.40.

UnFunny Clowns

Jeremy Baker lost a bet. So he's in this video of ours.