Tag: Bree

Social Services

Little Jimmy Green was misbehaving during a meal so his parents sent him to his room without dessert, so he's called Social Services on them!

Crappy Tree Eats Mike Again

Darryl's taking the SFB gang on another tour of the park behind the movie theatre, and unfortunately Crappy Tree eats Mike - AGAIN!

Live Free

It's time for Marina to let Bree the dog go. For Bree to run and live free with her pack, the wild ones... But unfortunately, Bree must have seen White Fang or simply does not understand english.

The CGI behind “Live Free”

Witness the extra effort put in to get a shot because it's not cool to yell at dogs when they're not deserving of being yelled at.

Confidence Fluffer

Chris shares with us, the intricateness and importance of being a "Confidence Fluffer"

Sweet Canuck Love

Scram is out in the park, laying down in the sweet green grass, having a nice picnic and professing his deepest, darkest, desires...


You know how it is when inspiration strikes? It's that sweet, sweet moment, all these great ideas just jump into your brain, they flow together like they've always meant to be? Then, if you step away from that plac...

Canadian Abduction

Sometimes you just gotta have a dog.