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The World’s Worst Getaway in the History of Ever

We at SFB.TV cannot underscore how important it is to be clear when it comes to instruction and directions. In this "instructional video" Scram, Jose and Darryl illustrate these tips. In the next "instructional ...

No Unicorn? No deal.

Consider - if you find yourself outside a booth that says "Unicorn Pictures $5.00" ? It's only FIVE DOLLARS. Go inside the damn booth!

The Epic Adventures of No-Bot!

In this episode, No-Bot learns about #choices and #consequences.

100% Real Alien Crash Landing UFO Sighting

Gus and Darryl spotted a #UFO in the sky, which promptly crash landed! So he grabbed a camera #thetruthisouthere

1 (800) Nag – Line

Mike's at home, killing time with his TV, Games, Toes, Toenails. After one too many Hadouken's to the noggin he calls up one of those sexy, hot, expensive chat lines that you only call when your Mom is at Bingo feelin...

In A World…

Blah, blah, blah.


There's a reason everyone hates clowns. Just don't tell the clowns that.

Shopping with Darryl

Trying.... To find... Just... The right... Thing. Has never been so emotional.

Eight Syllables

Brendan is helping Josh Learn his words. ...Or is he?

Take My Picture?

Darryl's always relied on the kindness of strangers to take his picture while travelling. Because he doesn't have friends.

Josh’s Long Slow drawn-out and Painful Death.

Just when you least expect it - they get you in the end.

Hurting for a Fix

Hitting rock bottom can be hard on some people - but hopefully they can get back up.

No Opinion

A little thinking before speaking can go a looooooooong way.

The View

Such sights and wonders to beheld are found in your local mall.

The PEN15 Club

For some people, childhood was a magical time of joy and whimsy. Other people spent their childhoods writing the word penis on other people. Which one are you?


Some say the bag is half full, others say half empty. Johnny and Scram say the bag is totally empty. And they are right.

The Superest Roomate: Spiderman vs Batman

There's only one way to figure these things out.

Fast Food Psychic

It's one of those hidden powers ....Nobody talks about.

It’s a Compliment

If you didn't want boys to whistle at you, then why do you wear clothes like those denim pants and those sleeveless t-shirts, huh!? HUH?!?!

The Hunger Names

Hunger is an epidemic. Douchebaggery is just a fad.

Subway Cookies

Trying to hide your emotions when love is in the air is a hard thing to do. Sometimes you just have to walk away. Just walk away.

The Dangers of Hitch-Hiking

First SFB.TV roadtrip and it requires HITCHHIKING TO MIAMI. ....Naturally, something goes wrong.


As a popular theatre actress, Amy is accustomed to receiving gifts from strangers - an enviable life, no?

The Funny Skit

Writing Funny Material is Hard. Some people make it look so easy.

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