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1 (800) Nag – Line

Mike's at home, killing time with his TV, Games, Toes, Toenails. After one too many Hadouken's to the noggin he calls up one of those sexy, hot, expensive chat lines that you only call when your Mom is at Bingo feelin...

The Superest Roomate: Spiderman vs Batman

There's only one way to figure these things out.

Mr. Bad Luck

Ever have that feeling that everything you do turns out wrong?

Animal Magnetism

Love is a wild and unpredictable beast, it can strike anywhere.


In life, you often find yourself seeking out wisdom and advice from a faith based source. ...even when it comes to the dirty things.


You'd be amazed at the things you can get for free in some places.  Smiles, Napkins, Toppings for your Wiener...

Got The Stuff?

Josh Zed's got the stuff, but unfortunately he tries to play G-Dawg and El Claw. Watch how this gangster's bad luck plays out.


Scram bumps into G-Dawg while perusing the local convenience store for lunch items.

Can I Borrow some Money?

Guido's the type of friend who is always borrowing money from someone, and on this evening when the gang is chillin' with Everybody Left, Guido steps up with an empty wallet and brazenly asks to borrow some money.


Darryl's getting down with moving on up - saying goodbye to the stuffy Apartment life, and using up all the extra cardboard in the office to make the move to his new place. He's still on good terms with Guido, bump...

Not In Costume

The SFB Skit shooting meeting takes an unexpected turn -- Of the wardrobe kind!

Heroes of the Community

Spiderman and Batman are chillin' and playing some games and nomming on some crackers during crime-fighting downtime

Bad Tidings

Scram and Guido are in the dirty business of making ends meet and moving big pieces on the board. Sometimes things get messy and they gotta deliver some Bad News. When you see them rolling your way, you're seeing some...

Super Roommate Wanted

Scram has put out an Ad in the classified section of the newspaper, looking for a new "Super Roommate."

Viral Video AKA “Play Him Off Keyboard Cat!”

Darryl's sick of all those "Cat Videos" going viral and using all the views the internet has, leaving none for SFB.


You know how it is when inspiration strikes? It's that sweet, sweet moment, all these great ideas just jump into your brain, they flow together like they've always meant to be? Then, if you step away from that plac...

Canadian Abduction

Sometimes you just gotta have a dog.

Something Awesome

Bobcat, Melissa, Mike and Guido have started planning the next project, and they all agree is should be something awesome - and worth their time.

Cafe of Darkness – Part One

Alex wanders on in and gives Guido the Barrista a very trying time negotiating on how to get $1.65 worth of coffee for $1.40.


Guido's just kicking back, taking it easy with a brew and some tunes when the right -next-door neighbors decide to introduce themselves. Probably to just borrow something.

Seagull Away

Naturally, being so busy writing, brainstorm, shooting skits for the website, Studio SFB has no time to manage all the waste they produce. ;It simply piles up on the back deck and causes issues with the local wildlife...

I Wish

Seems like Guido's having some sort of crazy domestic disturbance, threats, shoe throwing, scoffing an all that rot. Careful of that negative energy, you might just get what you wish for.

Beer Fairy to the Rescue

Never fear! The Beer Fairy is here! ....

Ninja Mike Part 2

Mike is a ninja. Guido and Darryl just gotta learn to deal with it.

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