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My Face

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all - unless you say it to someone's face.

The BellMan

"To deal with the most violent, brutal, sadistic and deranged people in the industry, one must create a certain persona in order to attain fear among those with whom you deal with." - The Bellman

The Secret Body of Death Metal Ex-Unicorn Laughter !!

SixWordSkits Season Two Week 02 Compilation. All the skits, with less clicking!

Who is a busier hero? Spiderman or Batman?

Being a superhero isn't always easy, especially on a Monday. And your foot hurts. And its allergy season. And Obama-care is ruining your life.

In A World…

Blah, blah, blah.

The Cleaners

Some people have the worst jobs imaginable and when things don't work out as planned it can be a nightmare.


When you're sick, your appetite get's all whacked.

Eight Syllables

Brendan is helping Josh Learn his words. ...Or is he?

Josh’s Long Slow drawn-out and Painful Death.

Just when you least expect it - they get you in the end.

Hurting for a Fix

Hitting rock bottom can be hard on some people - but hopefully they can get back up.

The View

Such sights and wonders to beheld are found in your local mall.

Micheal Bay

I'm Micheal Bay. Nuff' Said.


Two minds are better than one, though, one in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Lightsaber Fail

Trust Josh Zed, you must not! ( when buying toys even - warning label you must read! )

Do You Trust Me?

Mary finds out who she can trust during a zombie apocalypse. (Hint: It ain't Johnny Love)

New Drug

First bath salts, and now this. JoZed, JoLo and CoMy prove there's no limit to what an addict will do for that "heady" experience.

The Firing

Office injustice? Not on Mary's watch! She's got your back...or so it would appear.

Coworker Slander

Ever get the feeling people are talking about you behind your back? Well, they are, Darryl. Josh and Brendan get caught in the act.

Picking Up Ladies

Innocent mistake. Scram and Josh Zed demonstrate how easily one tiny miscommunication can change a night's plans from 'exciting' to 'exhuming'.


t's Canada Day celebrations at Victoria's Downtown Inner Harbour! And you know what that means! Line ups to pee. Amy is waiting patiently but "patience" is a virtue that Darryl doesn't have. ( virtue isn't even in his vocabulary )

Tonight #2

You don't need candy and karate to pick up chicks...but it doesn't hurt. Johnny walks Josh through the finer points of winning Court's heart.


More brains than brawn? No problem. Brendan shows Scram how smart guys win a fight.

Mary’s A Ninja

Never underestimate women in the workplace, Scram. You never know which of them is hiding a sword.

Girl’s Night

Ever wonder what chicks really do on a "girl's night"? Court, Carey, and Amy celebrate a girl's night out, unaware that Johnny's own ideas have him eager to join the festivities.

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